Being Romantic Is A Decision


For your relationship to thrive you must have the “Three D-s”

  1. Desire
  2. Determination
  3. Dedication 

Now the purpose of this web site is not to provide tips on how to find someone to date, rather, you already are in a relationship and you want that relationship to THRIVE and you want her to treat you as the HERO!

What ever you did to get your Lady…. do 3x that amount to keep her! Your goal is to have a loving relationship not a lasting relationship!

Typically us guys don’t want to go to Marriage counselors or even read books on relationships. We only do it when things are going bad. This should not be the rule, try reading books when things are going good. My advice is don’t wait for problems to occur first.

Being romantic is a decision. When we are romantic we acknowledge her and anticipate her needs making her feel special and adored. Now us guys we don’t read romance novels. We prefer not to watch “chick flicks.” So if we didn’t see our fathers romance our mothers, how are we supposed to know how to be romantic? It is not like we strive to be the receiver of being romanced by our Lady and let’s be honest we all want women to say, “we are romantic.”

Here are some great quotes from Dr. John Gray (author of seventeen books on relationships and personal growth).

“For romance, a woman needs to feel a man’s energy being spent and exerted directly for her.”

“To feel romanced, a woman doesn’t want to buy her own flowers. She wants her lover to do it. She doesn’t even want to ask for them. If she has to ask for them it doesn’t count as romance. His self motivated purchase of cut flowers for her is a symbol that he cares for her and understand her needs. These kinds of symbols are very important part of romance. She doesn’t want a potted plant, but cut flowers that will die in five days. Why cut flowers? So that in five days he will go out again and prove his love for her and purchase more flowers!”

How To Ensure Your Lady Will Always Treat You As the Hero?

Follow these 19 tips and you will be the HERO!

  1. Your Lady wants to be everything in your life.
  2. Your Lady wants you to make her feel protected.
  3. Your Lady wants to feel/believe that you are constantly thinking about her.
  4. Your Lady wants to feel important and a priority in your life.
  5. Your Lady wants you to feel proud she is your lady.
  6. Your Lady wants you to brag about her.
  7. Your Lady wants to consider her needs before everyone else.
  8. Your Lady wants feel that no other woman comes close to who she is.
  9. Your Lady wants be considerate during her period.
  10. Your Lady wants you to validate her feelings.
  11. Your Lady wants you to respect her ideas even if they are different than yours.
  12. Your Lady wants you to comfort her without asking.
  13. Your Lady wants you to have goals.
  14. Your Lady wants you to be responsible.
  15. Your Lady wants you to be someone she can lean on.
  16. Your Lady wants you to be able to make a living.
  17. Your Lady wants you to be affectionate.
  18. Your Lady wants you to be caring.
  19. Your Lady wants you to be generous.

A smart investment for you would be to purchase the program “Light Her Fire” By Dr. Ellen Kreidman.

Her work is amazing trust me. To view her material, click here.

Here are some key points that stood out to me from her program:

  1. Make one night a week date night
  2. Once every three months have a weekend away (or at very least, an overnight stay at a hotel with an early check in and a late check out).
  3. Once a year take a one week (7 day) vacation- just the two of you- with out children, relatives or friends!

Cost of going: Time :: Money :: Guilt :: Worry

Cost of NOT going: Distancing from each other :: Buildup of stress :: Nothing to anticipate :: Missing out on having a lover and an affair :: Illness :: Anger

Invest in your relationship.  Join Romance Your Lady!

Why should you? Well if you are truly serious about your relationship, let me quote Dr. John Gray:

“It is not that men are unwilling to create romance. A man just doesn’t get why it is so important. He is romantic in the beginning to let her know how special she is, but once he has behaved romantically, he doesn’t instinctively realize why he has to keep doing it.”

If you make a diligent effort to use just a few of the techniques of Romance Your Lady you’ll produce a specific road map for your relationship.

To help you get / keep your relationship STRONG, you can download the FREE Romance Your Lady Workbook (sign up on the right side of this page).

This exercise workbook, is not just for you, but your lady has sections in it to fill out as well. The goal is for you to both fill out the answers to the questions and then review and discuss what was written. To make this a nice event, arrange to have dinner. You bring your copy and she will bring hers. During the course of the meal listen, ask and learn the many ways you can increase the love, appreciation, passion and friendship of each other.

May you and your Lady, grow with love, respect and appreciation.

Cordell Davenport “The Playmaker of Progress”


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